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Welcome to Pariah

Why are you here?

As you are here, you were most likely looking for information about shifting or therianthropy. In all likelihood you were looking for help and support. If so, you have come to the right place.

This site is, first and foremost, a support network for therians, animal-people and those who otherwise identify as partially non-human or animalistic. We respect and treat each other as equals, regardless of age or experience.

Need help? Just ask one of our members or make a forum introducing yourself. All of us would be happy to assist. We're always open to suggestions on improvement.

All are welcome here, be they therians, vamps, or other; curious non-kin are especially welcome. (We don't bite! Promise.) We'll be happy to help you in any way we can. Of course, all theriotypes are welcome here too.

A therian, or a therianthrope, is someone who identifies as human and as (a non human) animal on a spiritual, emotional, mental and/or psychological level.

Please Note: This is a site, not a democracy, issues and problems can and will be discussed, but final word still goes to the admins. We encourage members to actively post on the forums and join in with discussions. Going off topic is okay, but topics with an (S) in the title are regarded as serious, meaning it would be greatly appreciated if the topic was stuck to until the creator of the forum is satisfied they have gotten the responses or answers they were looking for. Freedom of speech exists, but please do not abuse it. Refer to the rules for more information.

Contact an admin via 

Note: Yes, I am well aware that the site name is a little dramatic (not to mention the video), but it was put in place by the first siteowner and is now semi-traditional, so replacing it would probably take a lot of debate. We're not a pack, but the name remains.

If you don't want a membership but want to take a look around, various pages can be accessed without one, such as Staff, Bestiary, History and Mythology, Meets and Howls, Guestbook, FAQ and Therian Slang Pages.

Terms and Conditions

AKA we do actually make the rules.


We take no responsibility for any actions or events that directly or indirectly involve this website and/or its members, administrators, or content. Use at your own digression. This site may contain content that could be considered explicit or offensive to some as well as controversial matters. These will not always be censored and therefore you alone are responsible for what you view on this site. By proceeding beyond this page and/or obtaining membership you automatically agree to these terms and acknowledge that you understand that none of the members of this site can be held accountable for your actions here or for actions that occur because of this site. We require you to be over the age of 12 to make an account here.


Respect everyone’s beliefs until they are causing harm to themselves or others
Report any problems to a moderator or an administrator
Keep foul language and explicit content to a minimum
Racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic/queerphobic content and slurs will be removed from posts, and a warning issued. There is a zero tolerance policy for abusive content of that nature. Equally, misgendering someone intentionally will result in banning
Only one person per account and only one account per person - multiple systems may speak to an admin about arrangements.
Please refrain from using hierarchical titles in signatures or usernames; e.g. 'Alpha' 'Beta'
Do not involve the site in anything illegal
Do not start personal attacks on members
Keep drama to a minimum or preferably off the site altogether
Do not give or ask for personal information
Keep signature size below half the standard browser display size
Be aware that moderators may spell and grammar check your posts, this is not an insult, but just makes the site easier to use for everyone.
Our policy on physical shifting is that we allow discussion of it, but if you are claiming ability to p-shift or any other supernatural powers, evidence will be required if you want to be taken seriously - extraordinary claims call for extraordinary evidence.

Failure to keep these rules will result in a warning, while serious or repetitive offenders will have their accounts terminated.

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