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How to Become a Werewolf

Throughout history there have been various reported methods of transforming yourself into a werewolf, or obtaining a physical transformation of some kind. Here's the list.

  • Get bitten by a werewolf
  • Drink water from a wolf's paw-print
  • Drinking from a stream where three or more wolves have drunk from recently
  • Commit a sacrilege
  • Hereditary
  • Curse
  • Drinking from a cursed stream
  • Affixing a lycanthropus flower to your clothes
  • Being born on a New Moon
  • Being born on Christmas day
  • Being born on Friday the 13th
  • Being scratched or clawed by another werewolf
  • Selling your soul to the devil
  • Applying a magic salve to one’s body
  • Black magic and witchcraft
  • Eating lycanthropous flowers (white or yellow flowers said to be in the Balkans)
  • Inhaling certain potions
  • Wearing an enchanted belt made of wolf skin/fur, known as a wolf-belt
  • Applying a magic salve to one’s body
  • Simply wearing an animal’s pelt
  • Placing a real wolf pelt on one’s body and then drinking beer mixed with blood
  • Eating the brains of a wolf
  • Spells and rituals
  • Having sex with a werewolf
  • Eating an unborn fetus
  • Wearing a belt made of the skin of a executed criminal
  • Being cursed by a witch or troll
  • Drinking from a lycanthropous stream
  • Sleeping on a Friday night under the full moon with the moon shining directly on your face
  • Being the seventh son
  • Being conceived under a new moon
  • Not going to confession for 10 years
  • Being gruesomely murdered on a full moon
  • Being born on a full moon Friday
  • Tasting human flesh
  • Being chosen by the Native American wolf spirit

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I can verify that not a single one of these works. I can't say I've tried every single one, (tasting human flesh? Not for me, thanks), but I can tell you that not one of them works. And I can also say, that not a single one of those above instructions is going to help you out with therianthropy either.

Perhaps you're new here, and this is the first time you've stumbled across 'therianthropy'. I can empathise - I found out about it the same way, by googling 'how to become a werewolf'. If that's you, go take a look round. You might suprise yourself.

At the end of the day, either you're a therian, or you're not. Nothing's going to change that. Therians aren't any better than 'normals', and they're not any worse. You can hang around under every full moon and eat every (quite possibly halluciogenic) 'lycanthropic' flower in the world, but it's not going magically transform you into some raving creature of the night.

However, you're more than welcome to prove me wrong.

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