Pariah Pack II

Razgriz III


Ranks are, in summary, just different levels of control individuals have over the site. Make of them what you will. No rank gives anyone any ability to have more respect or command you, and you are not expected to follow any orders or hierarchy. The 'alpha, beta, gamma' style titles are merely an ironic reference and parody of other cyberpacks.

If you're a member of staff, don't expect to be considered better than anyone else, because in reality, you're volunteering your time and effort to help the site and members. You will get thanks for it, but we run on a system found in most other therian communities (notably Werelist) - Servant Leadership

Site Owner: Admin Joint Account, used for important notices, modifications or serious offences.
Alphas/Admins: Emily, Moon
Betas: Tigerhallam
Deltas: WolfHowl, Winter Moon, Stargazer
Gammas: Normal Members
Other Mods: Verschleieren, Akela, Ace, Esther

Contact details can be found here

Rank Descriptions

Alpha(s): Admins, siteowners and 'in charge' of Pariah. (Despite the fact that being 'in charge' is about a useful as being offical cat herder). If you have any questions or problems, please contact them.

Beta(s): Admins and second in command. If you have any problems with what they say/tell you to do, please don't confront them, speak to one of the siteowners.

Delta(s): Have moderator rights, and may edit posts to make them easier to read.

Gamma(s): Are regular members and are free to view the gallery and do everything else, except do not have mod/admin rights

Omega(s): Used as a generally joke position used as a mock punishment for minor personal offences. Results in becoming a limited member.

Mod(s): Don't have a technical staff position, but still have the ability to edit posts. Think of them as half way between Gamma and Delta.They replace the Delta if they are absent for any reason.

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