Pariah Pack II

Razgriz III

Other Ursines

This is a list of literally every bear I could find. If you're looking for a page on one of these, please feel free to request it.

Family Ursidae

Ailurarctos lufengensis
Ailurarctos yuanmouenensis

Under Ailuropoda
Ailuropoda baconi
Ailuropoda fovealis
Giant panda
Qinling panda
Ailuropoda microta
Ailuropoda wulingshanensis

Under Tremarctos
Spectacled bear
Tremarctos floridanus
Under Helarctos
Sun bear
Helarctos malayanus malayanus
Borneo sun bear

Under Melursus
Sloth bear
Sri Lankan sloth bear
Indian sloth bear

Under Ursus
American black bear
Olympic black bear
New Mexico black bear
Eastern black bear
California black bear
Haida Gwaii black bear or Queen Charlotte black bear
Cinnamon bear
Glacier bear
Mexican black bear
Florida black bear
Newfoundland black bear
Kermode bear or spirit bear
Louisiana black bear
West Mexico black bear
Kenai black bear
Dall black bear
Vancouver Island black bear

Under Ursus arctos
Eurasian brown bear
Ursus arctos alascensis
Kamchatka brown bear or Far Eastern brown bear
California golden bear
Atlas bear
Gobi bear
Grizzly bear
Himalayan brown bear or Himalayan red bear
Ussuri brown bear or black grizzly
Kodiak bear
Mexican grizzly bear
Bergman's bear
Tibetan blue bear or Tibetan bear or Himalayan blue bear
Ursus arctos sitkensis
Syrian bear

Under Ursus maritimus
Polar bear

Under Ursus thibetanus
Asian black bear
Formosan black bear
Ursus thibetanus gedrosianus
Ursus thibetanus japonicus
Ursus thibetanus laniger
Ursus thibetanus mupinensis
Ursus thibetanus thibetanus
Ursus thibetanus ussuricus

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