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Razgriz III

Other Canines

This is a list of literally every canine I could find. If you're looking for a page on one of these, please feel free to request it.

Under Canis 
Gray Wolf
Subspecies: Dingo, Domestic Dog, Eurasian/European Wolf, Tundra Wolf
Kenai Peninsula Wolf, Arabian Wolf, Arctic Wolf, Mexican Wolf, Newfoundland Wolf, Bernard's Wolf, Steppe Wolf, Tibetan Wolf, British Columbia Wolf, Vancouver Island Wolf, Florida Black Wolf, Cascade Mountain Wolf, Gregory's Wolf, Manitoba Wolf, Hokkaido Wolf, Honshu Wolf, Hudson Bay Wolf, Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf, Labrador Wolf, Alexander Archipelago Wolf, Eastern Wolf, Mckenzie River Wolf, Baffin Island Wolf, Mogollon Mountain Wolf, Texas Wolf, Buffalo Wolf, Mackenzie Valley Wolf, Greenland Wolf, Indian Wolf, Yukon Wolf, Red Wolf, Alaskan Tundra Wolf, Southern Rocky Mountains Wolf, Italian Wolf and Iberian Wolf.
Ethiopian Wolf
Golden Jackal
Side-striped Jackal
Black-backed Jackal

Under Cuon

Under Lycaon
African wild dog

Under Atelocynus
Short-eared dog

Under Cerdocyon
Crab-eating fox

Under Dusicyon
Falklands wolf

Under Lycalopex (Pseudalopex)
Darwin's fox

South American gray fox

Pampas fox
Sechura fox

Hoary fox

Under Chrysocyon
Maned wolf

Under Speothos
Bush dog

Under Vulpes
Arctic fox
Red fox
Swift fox
Kit fox
Corsac fox
Cape fox
Pale fox
Bengal fox
Tibetan sand fox
Blanford's fox
Rüppell's fox
Fennec fox

Under Urocyon
Gray fox
Island fox
Cozumel fox

Under Otocyon
Bat-eared fox

Under Nyctereutes
Raccoon dog

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