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Canine Anatomy

Under canine antomy you will find Wolf, Dog, Dingo, Culpeo, Dhole, Fox and Maned Wolf anatomy.

The first are wolves, as these are the most predominant canine theriotypes. Then dogs, the later extension of the canine family, who share several similair traits with wolves but keep several characteristics of their own. Dingos are predominatly considered to be the result of interbreeding between wolves and dogs, and therefore have characteristics of both.

Culpeos, Dholes and Maned Wolves are the exception to the group and have their own unique traits.

Foxes are a whole different level of canid, but are only briefly touched upon here, as they all have similair traits within the species.

If your theriotype is canine but their anatomy is not included here, please feel free to contact an admin about it being included - although please do appreciate that it takes some time to draw the information together.

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