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Hello, welcome, please feel free to write anything you wish to say, all questions should be answered within a week.

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Reply Leah
1:51 AM on April 22, 2018 

But why is there a Razgriz 2? Or even 3? Why are there all these separate communities? I am so confused right now. Is Blaze / Alex still around? Lol. So curious. He'd be like 30 now or something.

Reply Alpha Z
9:21 PM on July 3, 2016 

Hey!! If anybody wants to join my pack, the link is here:

Reply Nobody
8:15 PM on April 3, 2016 

Hey, Can someone help me? I have been trying to get an account on this website for MONTHS and for some reason, I can never recieve the confirmation email. Does anyone else have this problem? 

Reply Ace
6:16 AM on December 7, 2015 

Aaaand nobody's using the guestbook anymore. Nice.

Reply Ace
12:40 AM on November 5, 2015 

This is extremely late and I'm sure none of you are going to see this, but I'll answer some of the aforementioned inquiries should anybody come to check back.

I don't have the proper authority to accept new accounts so I don't know how long it takes for profiles to be approved.

M-shifts can vary in feel and pressure to some people, however there are multiple common factors that I'll be glad to define should anybody message me. Or, just read the many tutorial and help pages that have accumulated over the years.

Reply rodwlz
6:24 PM on September 12, 2015 

How much takes to get accepted?

Reply Ryan
2:04 PM on August 7, 2015 

Hi, I just signed up for an account and confirmed my email address through the link in the email, but it says "account pending approval" when I log in. How long does it usually take to get accepted (sorry if I sound pushy). Thanks

Reply Sicam
11:57 PM on July 7, 2015 

I got the email and followed the link. Tried to log in and it still gave me the same message unfortunately. 

Reply Sicam
11:51 PM on July 7, 2015 

I've been trying to create an account for a while but it keeps saying "awaiting approval".

I got some questions and look forward to eventually being active on this site. If anyone know how I can fix this problem please let me know.

Reply fluffywolf
9:48 PM on May 29, 2015 
i asked a question and its not awnserd yet
Reply momo
12:39 PM on May 24, 2015 

what does it feel like after the m shift

Reply momo
12:38 PM on May 24, 2015 

i need help shifting

Reply molly
5:46 PM on May 23, 2015 

email me at [email protected] to help

Reply molly
5:45 PM on May 23, 2015 

i need help shifting

Reply eclipse
2:50 AM on November 2, 2014 
That was how i started off(as a lurker), but then decided to get more involved.
Reply Ace
6:09 AM on October 19, 2014 

Many aren't active anymore; some accounts were created in 2011/2012, after all. I know a whole bunch of people who are here, but don't comment on anything; they're lurkers. Staying around to learn things, staying around to see how everyone's doing, but not making any - or having minimum - contact with other members.

Reply eclipse
4:03 PM on September 3, 2014 
I dunno Fire. Actually that thought has been nagging me a bit but i hadn't recognized it until now. Really odd actually.
Reply Fire
9:34 PM on August 23, 2014 

Even though there's over 500 members, why is there not much communication? well, better worded, 'infrequent'

Reply eclipse
3:15 PM on August 7, 2014 

i just finished playing a game of hares and hounds with my family, and for the first time fir a long while i really felt alive, i felt like i was in my natural element, it was such a wonderful feeling, like havng been kept in a cell for a long time and then suddenly and inexplicably set free, i feel like this is how i wish to live my life all of a sudden, but not in a game, i mean for real.

Reply Emily
1:43 AM on May 21, 2014 

Angel Armendariz says...

Is anyone on?

I am ^.^

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